25 year old dating 15 year old 24 year dating a 15 year old

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Omg I'm also 14 and dating a 26 year old guys,his brazilian and is such a gentleman,I prefer older guys than school boys. You aren't old enough to be doing anything serious with a man, or a guy your 25 year old dating 15 year old. We both live in California and he is constantly away from home because of his job.

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Will he still be interested in the same topics as teenaged girls? What a pleasant surprise to hear all the intelligent people supporting this 14 year olds relationship with her older man and hopefully all the other young people reading this who are in similar situations will come to realize that these feelings, desires and attractions between older and young people are normal and natural to the human essence and nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

This makes me sick. If a man had done this he would be under the jail and hated like he had the plague. The girl lives with, I guess a friend of the family. Then everything will be fine I could care less how old he is. Enter your email to get updates when people reply. What's wrong with that?

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Its not your fault, your a kid but this filthy monster needs to be put in a cell and kept away from all children! Teens think they know it all and parents don't know crap.

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Are you saying it's okay for a 25 year man to date a 15 year old girl? Does that make her a kitten instead of a cougar? Im also dating a 26 year old and I'm only 13 So its ok. I have known him for about two years and we haven't told anyone about our relationship.

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If wrongs have been committed, both know what they are doing. Well, I can relate to you.

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I was wondering the same thing!! He will get 1 incident on his criminal record. You have to remember that as dating quilt fabrics society, we are to protect ourselves, our young, and our old. So all yall haters can kiss my ass. Paducah Jobs Job Search by.

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I wish you look. As for pathetic, old and tired, take a look at yourself. No 14 year old should have to put up with such an inconvenience.

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Posted in the Paducah Forum. They are blessings and gift and our future. Right thing 2do Roosevelt, OK. Do you honestly think its cause he is worried for you?

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He'll, 30 make money promoting dating sites old peole don't think before they act either. It makes me angry and sick. NigelDoes said it all.

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Tell him to go down to the police department and apply for a permit. It is most deffinatly not appropriate I have a friend who keeps telling me about this 25 year old guy who is living in her house and she is secretly having sexual relations with the guy and he is obviously using her to get money her parents have no clue about the relationship and i think it is wrong i know it may not be my place but i want to tell her parents about it so it will stop should I do it?. Be in the know!