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While it took some time, I have found that the most difficult part of my relationship was not the crushing pain I experienced.

This is helping me immensely. I would like to share one thing about that meeting. The narcissist has already told everyone who will listen that the victim is a paranoid psychopath who has made their life hell, so anything the victim says is taken as being vindictive and they are the psycho liar the N claims them to be.

I met my N 17 years ago, one year after leaving my marriage with my two children. Next day he texted and said maybe we should wait until the kids are grown. People that DO heal these wounds are relieved after the self-work to be left alone by the narcissist, and never want them in their life again. I kept wondering what I had done to make him stop talking to me at various times and now I know that it was him and not me. He is very publicly having sex with and being seen around town with women I know, one of which I thought was my best friend, but the betrayal is so clear it just helps me make sense of it.

And there have been many lies and deciet not just related to an affair. I always trusted his judgment and advice. Replies to my comment.

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You probably already know the answer to this question, but the full implications of the reality of it may have yet to sink in. This man would make me wait for him to get off of work when I was having intense labor pains and the day they induced me he made me beg him to stay and pay his parking.

Or, is it my reaction — that he was trying everything until something hit? I have learned from my past. I 3 stage of dating a narcissist somehow some day he can get some therapy and find a way to fill that void. My psychologist is trying to help me stand up for myself. She is a true narcissist! Notify me of new comments via email.

What Does Idolisation Look Like?

Thank you for taking the time to describe so accurately. Please come into my next healing Group — the 3 Keys Group — http: Both my sister and mother live in another state to me. I keep trying to go no contact but the pain is unbearable and I end up in contact again.

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I was actually not thinking of going out this time, but this changed things and agreed to meet up. He took all of it away from me.


I cannot make this situation any different than. In order to navigate the course, you need to fill in, not fall in, into the emotional potholes that come along the way. At that moment I realized that my co-dependency behavior was showing my son and daughter that I devauled my self by allowing his expensive gifts to me and them mask his lies and deceit.

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You are reading Fixing Families. I ve caught her more than enough to make me stronger cuz the truth will always prevail. I gave him no energy or consideration whatsoever and I think the planet is a better place without him.

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