343 halo mcc matchmaking Halo: MCC Matchmaking needs a update!!!

343 halo mcc matchmaking

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The system is also forcing you to up your game a little after a while to prove and increase your rank. Restarting matchmaking usually gets me at least one match every half hour or so.

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Accounting for campaigns, co op, split screen, online, map making, nice graphics and amazing sound. They did such a bad job, that even the 3D mode made me want to puke. I'd be more worried about the actual core design of the game. I've forgotten my password.

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Please log in to reply. The Master Chief Collection window. If you are back again, please click the I'm Back button below.

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Older call of duty games probably have as many people playing as Halo MCC does at any one time, you can still play COD games at any time and get in games no problem, but Halo MCC, you can only play at certain prime times, like 2pm-3am EST, trying to play in the morning seems impossible.

Is anyone playing right now able to get in any games? Matchmaking issues, dropped games, and the exclusion of promised playlists because of those issues plagued the Master Chief Collection launch.

I really hope they get Halo 5 right. Lems continue to defend this halo mcc matchmaking to the last man despite the fact that the devs themselves have openly admitted to screwing up. Despite its problems, it's a game I'm sure I'll be going back to for a very long time, quite a lot of halo mcc matchmaking on one disc.

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Started By EnragedbungiefanAug 08 The Master Chief Collection that is aimed to fix the matchmaking issues was originally scheduled to release tomorrow, but now it has. Microsoft is aware of the problem and has been working on a fix, Xbox members, are you having a tough time.

Maybe they fixed that since launch, idk, but that is one of the things that kind of put me off of the game. Toggle shoutbox i Community Shoutbox Our new public Discord server is now live!

Just play it for casual fun and nostalgia and don't get too competetive with it as it'll never work out for you. The Master Chief Collection developer Industries.

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Destiny and Killzone also flopped as worthless shit. The tournament was canceled because the game, which launched last November, is still broken by all estimation. I always wish good will to them after. While there were other issues, matchmaking seems to have been the core of the problem. Our new public Discord server is now live! Fix all your halos ranked playlist cause h5 and h4 need it. It is incredibly inportant that [i] have another beta to fix any last bugs before release.

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