3rd shift dating site Trying to date while working a 3rd shift??

3rd shift dating site

Sadly for the purposes of this sub, I met the love of my life in college.

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Do not post pictures looking for affirmation of your appearance. But that was a long time ago, been working steady daylight now for ages. And for those people that can actually work all night, then stay up and do something afterwards, wow I met my fiance on okcupid.

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But the few friends who "get it" will still join me at am to drink beer and play some games haha. I worked that shift for a year and my social life stopped.

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You got me rollin! Sometimes I think the little bit of extra money we get paid to shift dating site these hours really isn't worth all we're missing out on. On my weeks off, I have plenty of time for socializing. I'm not saying it's impossible but make sure you realistically can make things work before you commit to anything. Then do it alll shift dating site again My boyfriend works third shift - and he also lives about an hour and a half away.

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There are 3rd shift ladies out there. ALL, I could do when I got off from working the 10pm - 6am shift was go straight home, immediately take a shower, and immediately go to bed.

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TL;DR You need to try to take on normal hours in your time off, try to find someone else who works nights. I work from 11pm till 7am so i know the deal.

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Don't have an account? It's common usage in medical fields - I do medical IT and hear it all the time from the doctors and nurses I support. Night walkers have a hard time finding each other, but we're out there!


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What subtle clues is his body giving you? I am married to a shift worker who works away 2 weeks out of 4 and during the 2 weeks that he works, 1 of them is from 6.

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Also dating when I should be sleeping tends to be exhausting. Oddities ryan and monique still dating one GF thought I could do errands during the day because I was "home all day" The only people that truly understand are people that are in the same situation as you.

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I understand for people doing shifts its harder because you need at least one day to properly turn over to days again but its really your only shot if you can't meet someone on the job.

Then my kids on my days off but thats rotated of course I currently work overnight and my question to you is what's the best way to meet women?

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The key is finding someone who can be flexible. Go out for a couple beers, then come home for a few more hours of sleep before work. The other alternative is you have one before you take a job with a 3rd shift. She's understanding even when I'm a cranky son of a bitch. Really, you gotta find someone who's out of the party phase.

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I have considered that but i think i will hold on to my money as i would still be in the same situation. Sleeping or "feeling lazy" are not really an issue for me personally. Drop his baby batter So it works out for them. Thats why i posted this, your suggestions are welcomed