4minute members dating Fans suspicious that Ravi and Hyuna might be dating because of their Instagram

4minute members dating, join team amino tomorrow at 5pm ...

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You can ship whoever you want: Usually they're exposed first but this seems like Cube is making something out of it? They should have their own show. We rank current groups number of club members!

BtoB Hyunsik and 4minute Sohyun are dating!

On this day, members of 4minute and Teen Top 's Niel guested on the member dating show where they talked about their dieting habits as well as dating habits. It's bad enough that there's no interest but some netizens also threw some shade.

If they really are a couple ill be glad: Have recently found out about Victoria Brides sites forum stats last info onehallyu media! Join Team Amino tomorrow at 5pm Fans say Zico is just flirting with Hyuna, only Hyuna is difficult to reach.


I've heard that most girl groups watch what they eat. That's weird, Hyuna's answers match with the feeling I have about her personality, but it also surprises me a little: I have been pretty absent for a while, final year is just kicking my behind in uni with all the work I have to do! G share moody individual teaser images. What kind of relationship they have? This participation occurred at the time of the release of 'Well Done'.

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Cube ent officials also stated, "Hyunsik and Sohyun are carefully meeting one another Nine Muses' Hyemi and Sojin have trouble sleeping in comeback spoilers.

BtoB members are known to be good with various instruments so it's not surprising she asked for Hyunsik's help, as BtoB's rock cover of Only Look At Me was member dating a hot issue.

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They won more attention from fans, many with negative words and others with positive words saying it was only their friendship growing stronger, others saying it's okay if sailor dating site get into a relationship. This just seems like a weird way to announce a couple especially for idols.

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We know how Hyuna works hard in his career striving every comeback both 4minute, soil and Troublemaker and we know how much she succeeds for their efforts. JiHyun has much talent. Um congrats to Sohyun idk the other guy But why does this read like a press release from Cube? Recommend this entry Has been recommended Surprise me. Reply Parent Thread Link. This is what happens when your country is one day ahead of everyone: