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Ashton is out picking up more food for the morning.

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And I want to be with you, and want to help out, with our baby. There was a knock at your door and when you went to open it, there stood Calum, smiling.

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You introduced him to your family and they were all so accepting, besides Calum. You nod and follow him. You started to cry again and buried your head in your pillow. Luke mumbled a fine and you all walked into the kitchen to talk.

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Luke laughed as he went to squeeze your arms. I will protect you. Your brother wasn't home You pushed him back slightly and straddled him while his hands roamed under your shirt. But you could tell he was anything but calm, his fists were balled up so tight that his knuckles turned white, his jaw was clenched, and you could see the pulsing veins in his neck.

You looked up, I love you more. Your older brother looked down at you, then at Calum, and sighed through his nose. You giggled again and then looked towards Michael who was smiling at your giggling figure.

BSM You Are Dating Another Member (Luke/Ashton)

You had to admit, you felt guilty too. Without a word Ashton left the living room. You held back your tears until you were back at the house. After a few days of Zayn ignoring you both, he soon calmed down and accepted your relationship. You gulped, "They're all preference bsm your dating another member.

BSM Another member gets you pregnant

Ashton did everything he possibly could to make you feel happy and beautiful and wanted and loved, and Calum was grateful to him for that. Now, BOYS, and my lovely sister, lets go play some football. Luke mumbled a good, and all of you headed toward the door to get back to the living room. But Michael was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face, "I'm gonna be a kick ass uncle.

You were upstairs texting a friend and told her you were pregnant with Luke's kid. Love you X If you want to talk or ask something feel free to contact me!!!!

You're Dating Another Member In The Band - BSM

He picked you up bridal style and quickly went to your room, locking and shutting your bedroom door before setting you on your bed. Now wake up the guys so we can drive to get food because this is shit! His smile soon turned evil as the doorbell rang. You snuggled in closer to Michael.

You're Dating Another Member (Ages 18-20)

He walked to the chair, shooting Calum a dirty look along the way, and sat down, his arms crossed and lips formed in a thin line. You can't help but smile.

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In your room you sat beside each other on the beds. You had since removed the picture, but you couldn't help but think about how much you hated that you couldn't even do a simple thing lie that.