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She is a student and has very little money. I feel like men from my generation are unlikely to want a woman to make the advance but at the same time they don't seem like they want to either. There are very few users.


I am glad I read the reviews before submitting a membership. AARP Dating powered by How About We is a unique dating website that not only focuses on an online relationship but encourages face-to-face meetings. Additionally, you can filter your results to display on top, Recently active, most popular, and new dates.

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The site has over 1, members that gives you enough possibility to find your perfect match. AARP Dating promotes live datings websites so this site is great for seniors who do not want to spend too much time online.

This is a serious waste of money.

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The format provides little information of value to get a good overall profile. I need to find someone fast and soon.

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No one at AARP knows anything about this inept program or website. I can't believe AARP would get messed up in something like this, I like aarp,the magazine and everything is good, but don't waste your money on this dating site, it's a waste of time and money,it's sadnot a way to find a mate!!

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It's double standards like that one that make dating so difficult for women. Christmas is coming up and I need someone from the naughty list to show me a good time. Yes, why are your reviews so awful? You can earn up to points just for completing your profile.

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Our Time is a good one. HowAboutWe only provide the basic and simple privacy settings. Also if you subscribe they set your subscription to auto-renew so it's very easy to forget and keep paying them for something you don't even use.

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I don't consider this the fault of aarp or "how about we", but the men on this site are no better than those on other online dating sites.

I registered all the information required.

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You can even view the trending date ideas. Long story short, I asked him out and while there were a couple of reasons why we weren't compatible, he was a really great date and I had a lot of fun.

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If you ever get serious about it, I would welcome a dating websites. If you want to go out tonight,join this activity and the system will match the members nearby who also want to go out tonight, then you choose the best one you want to date and make a plan to go out.