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A Man, 39 Naperville, Illinois.

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Perhaps have a chat room along with it I don't know if this should be added dating site under their screen name or on their profile. If you think living in a house run by one ADDult is disorganized, wait until you have two of them interfering with each other Thanks tami for all the hard work you're putting in -- in getting this set up A Woman, 37 Calgary, Alberta.

I know that the topic of an ADD dating site came up in another thread.

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Find all posts by Keppig. A Woman, 34 Fort Dodge, Iowa.

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Have it be reaonably priced A Woman, 33 San Diego, California. A Woman, 37 Cheetham Hill, England.

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Find all posts by Overload. Have fun messaging, sharing photos and hooking up for a quickie. If anyone could please give me any thoughs on what you want out of a dating-friend site, things you want to see, things that are important to you, anything that you can think of that might me useful for us while the site is being created.

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Find all posts by tami Switch to Hybrid Mode. Auburn, Ontario, Canada Posts: Its gonna be somewhat like match.

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Yes agree with you I know from my own experience too that three hyperactive individuals can make life hectic for the inattentive one. Wayne Dyer The Power of Intention.

A Man, 28 Riverside, New Jersey. If you feel this kwinky dating community is for you then add dating site the 'get started' arrow to be connected to the ADD Dating Community and start meeting others like you. A Woman, 38 Manchester, England.

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One warning to you all, from experience: A 'Kwink' is the specific trait that defines you. I'm not single, but here's my 2 cents You like quick conversations and jumping from topic to topic or task to task. Good point and I think age should be under screen name as well I am ADD.

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Its in the works, and I hope that alot of people are interested.