Alexandria sekella dating ‘Teen Mom 3’ Cast: Where Are Briana, Alex, Katie & Mackenzie Now? (PHOTOS)

Alexandria sekella dating

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Alex and her daughter, Arabella, are still living in Pennsylvania, but their lives have changed drastically since the show. About a week ago, news got around that Alex may have a boyfriend.

Rather than having an extreme emotional outburst Sekella remains calm. Now that the season is over for 16 and Pregnantit's time to see who you thought should be on Teen Mom 3.

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Keep scrolling to find out the latest on the TM3 gals Alex, mother to Arabella, tweeted about her stance on abortion by saying, "Today is pro-life day and I am pro-life all the way except in the case of rape or life threatening".

Naturally her mother was looking out for her best interest and future, the boyfriend was looking for an easy way out in my opinionand her friends parents were the ones ready to adopt the baby if it came to that. Related Items adoption MTV. Gymnast Mackenzie, who became known on the show for her struggle with diabetes, has found plenty of ways to stay in the tabloids.

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When at the hospital I told Matt that he should not sign for her if he does not want her but he did sign for his rights to have her which was claiming himself to her and uses adoption as an excuse to go out and party all the time and not care for her.

Sekella was also able to find a couple who would adopt the baby; however she had a hard time thinking of letting her go. I mean talking about serving it on a silver platter, you have Alex tweeting Mackenzie, Briana, and Katie about how excited she is about them all getting together. Sekella has stated that when she got pregnant she was on birth control and McCann was using a condom however she was on an antibiotic for a bacterial infection which apprentice dating advert her birth control, so when they had a condom burst, it resulted in a pregnancy.

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And she was a junior. I'm going to use this post as a quick update on some things that probably don't deserve an entire article to be written about them. Teen Mom 2 Renewed For Season 8! As most of you already know, the rumor I posted last week has been confirmed over the weekend. Retrieved from " http: Check back daily for the latest news, reviews, recaps, and opinions. Games Movies TV Wikis.

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