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Sexual attraction is not the same as love and you can have one without the other. D Have a good day and comment. I met a swed guy, been together fo about 6 months.

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Well i am reading all of this stuff about swedish men being very reserved and quiet and everything and wondering what age group that applys to! But my next question is: He is tall and blonde, so handsome It became a bonus of sorts that we were both really attractive to the other, but then it only became about that.

Women loves it as much as, or even more than men.

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Do I know you, or should I? Or is what has been said about the Swedes applicable to all the Scandinavian men? Still makes you Greater Manchester!

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Within the first month, you probably discuss the matter of being exclusive with each other. There is a reason why I am considered a heathen when I'm an English speaking country as long as people are sober. A couple of my female friends confirmed: Leave a Comment Cancel reply. So this has nothing to do with dating a Swede but living a life with one and him wanting to go home.

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So advice from someone married twice to the same Swede: He told me He liked me, used to hug me all the time when we went out, appreciated I went out with him and his friends. They like love alcohol. That should work wonders.