Aoa dating scandal Why AOA's comeback wasn't a huge success

Aoa dating scandal

Why AOA's comeback wasn't a huge success.


Apr 12, Messages: Both of them denied those rumors and many fans of them hoped they were not dating each other. It seems as though SK can't tolerate the slightest shit.

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Nov 21, Messages: Mar 6, Messages: And the all-black outfits don't work for a fun group like AOA. Mang Bungs are determined to believe their speculation is true.

Share This Page Tweet. One of the Korean new words is Mang-Bung, which is especially used for K-pop stars.

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Trending PopAsia Luhan's girlfriend rumoured to be pregnant. K-pop is an extremely visual medium and sometimes a visual concept can be just as important as the music itself.

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Another popular member, ChoA, has also remained a variety fixture and is well-liked by the general public for both her talent and personality. They look good with each other really. Ballistic missile from Yemen intercepted over Saudi capital.

Chanyeol and Sandara Park look really good with each other.

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The evidences Mang Bungs suggested was the same fashion items they seem to share and their same outfits are often caught by various media. Dec 6, Messages: Follow the author here: According to the Mag-Bungs, there were many couple items to prove they went out; from laptop to sunglasses.

Signout Register Sign in. The first signs of a budding dating scandal came when Zico, the king of hip hop and all things powerful, started writing romantic lyrics and serenade ballads. Those two are very mysterious idols, whose privacy lives are discovered to the public.

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Soon later in the same night, SeolHyun was caught climbing aboard a heavily tinted black Porsche dating scandal. L and Krystal appeared at the same drama.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Most idols want to hide about their romantic relationship in order to not lose any fans; some fans really fall in love with their loving idol, which is one-directed actually, and feel like betrayed if their idols reveal they are in a relationship with someone.

The celebrity couple rumors also are always sniffing around them.