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My little prince charming, that's what I call him, is sleeping peacefully in mommy's bed. I havent had any luck though or met a nice guy so i autism parents dating site comment on that but imo yes its easier to raise an autistic girl than a boy but all kids are diffrent. Jen Jones is a preschool teacher, a freelance writer, and the very proud mom of three amazing young adults.

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My daughter is in the long process of being screaned for autism, and I think that dating someone with a kid that had autism, if nothing else would help them understand that I'm not a bad mom just because my daughter acts out. Your child with autism has a difficult time with changes and new people. Perhaps the times you can date are times when your ex has him, or perhaps have a family or friend watch your son.

It is only fair to the person you are seeing that they know what life is like in your home.

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I love my son, he will always have to come first but I struggle with wanting one person for myself. A Woman, 44 Woburn, Massachusetts. I try to hang in there but I certainly have my moments where I feel like I'm losing hope, like autism parents dating site I suppose.

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I am like you though I would not trade my daughter for a typical child. I made the mistake of letting my first post-divorce boyfriend meet them too soon, and he hit the ground running.

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He's such a sweet kid and he really cares about his mommy! It has been very difficult finding anything serious. My son is going to be 3 and he's high functioning but he can be a handful at times Is your ex in his life? Thank you to those of you who have shared your strength with me.

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I honestly don't have a life outside of my son. You never know what they might teach you — after all, sometimes fresh eyes can see solutions that tired eyes miss every day.

A Man, 50 Middletown, New Jersey. However, neither has any sense of modesty, so the bathroom door is as likely to be open as closed, and running from the bathroom to their room without clothes can happen at any time. They weren't autistic, but did have other special needs. A Woman, 27 Flomaton, Alabama. If you ever need to discuss it, don't hesitate to email me Remember that you are allowed to have time for yourself and you are allowed to have fun.

I really hope this is helpful and I hope you do some research on it, it really is amazing. They both ended with me not being available enough, emotionally, physically - bla bla bla.

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The biggest trend that we are seeing right now with the younger adults comming into the sysytem from High school, is they are using a communication sysytem called PECS, it is the picture exchange communication sysytem, I did my trainning in it, and you would not belive the effect it has on these children.

Gosh I don't see how you do it.