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And it's a good idea for a gal to know how her car runs, yadda yadda That's what Auto Lovers Dating is all about. Not replying to you Swordfish, you just had the last reply button I saw. So, which is it And it's not just your profile we can help with.

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Have a nice day knitting or hotroding or whatever it is that floats your boat and stop bothering people that only trying to find the auto dating of their life! I'm as feminine as any woman. LOL Otherwise, I like the idea that you ere to the cautious side, wish more people did.

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My point of view is I would love to see more girls in cars, especially my own car. There are many beautiful cars on the road these days, and with each car, there comes its auto dating. Or once it loses it, is it gone?

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I vote no to de-posting this post. I'm one of them They spend a ton of money to keep their cars running long enough to beat the warranty period!!

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I still prefer girly girls Uh, what's so "un-girly" about liking to drive fast? For some of us, our work is our passion and we're willing to pay the price in our personal life not that we have to, but it's an attitude.

I have no idea how long that car has been waiting around for me to buy it, so I spend 30 bucks on baby's first oil change and feel I started off right.

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Where are dating cops when you really need 'em! I had a 64 GTO that was a hard car to beat. I never feel any sexual chemistry with them because it's like being with a man in drag.

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Nah, if I want to talk about cars or sports I'll hang out with guys.