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Auxiliary hook up cars, the basics

Ford's Sync system is one of our favorites, as it demonstrates excellent compatibility and capabilities, while being offered in a wide range of affordable cars.

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No, AUX inputs are designed to input analogue audio signals to your stereo so they can't charge your device. Can I complete this project with the nonfunctional cd changer?

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These are all viable options, and they all essentially add a temporary aux input to your sound auxiliary hook up cars, but the best one for your particular situation will depend on a couple different factors. I would doubt though, usually a surge at that level would not kiss the entire device. Now, in order to play the audio from your MP3 player, we need to trick the CD auxiliary hook up cars into thinking it's playing a CD.

Introduction: Add an Auxiliary (MP3/Ipod) Input to Your Car's Stock Radio

There are also adapter kits, similar to those mentioned above, that plug into the back of an existing car stereo to add an input jack, but if you are going to all that trouble, you might as well put in a full iPod-compatible adapter.

They look like normal headphone sockets. Soldering directly without this patch cable could be a pain later if you ever need to remove the dash or stereo for repairs, etc.

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Given smartphones are portable, battery-powered devices they are not always the best at doing this. As a result it is always worth considering other connection options if they are available in your car.

There are two types of AUX inputs in cars: Universally compatible - will work with any media player with a standard 3.

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I want to carry on using my CD Changer. You will need to see if an adapter is available for your particular make and model of vehicle. If you do any work on cars, then your shop manual will help, but also there's tons of user forums dedicated to specific car models.

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If your car has an auxiliary input, we recommend using a Bluetooth device with an auxiliary adapter instead of a radio frequency transmitter, as the audio quality will be better. If your car has a cassette tape player, there are adapters that mimic the shape of a cassette, and plug directly into the player, leaving the auxiliary input cable dangling out.

There is no easy, permanent way to do what you suggest.

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The 3 pins you need are: Head Units have moved on. But the problem is still there. We sell our own InCarCables range on Amazon.

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As a result when using AUX inputs, it may be helpful to still be able to see your phone display hands-free. Wire glue might work elsewhere in a pinch, but you'd have a much better connection, and also have a very useful skill for the future if you lean to solder.

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