Baekhyun dating seulgi Baekhyun dating seulgi

Baekhyun dating seulgi

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Posted 11 July - It looked like she was supposed to be the ace member of Red Velvet but possibly due to the rumors whether real or not she was no longer hyped as "the second Taeyeon". Seulgi was also thanked by Baekhyun and a few other EXO members in their first album, apparently the only SM Rookies girl they mentioned there. This eventually reaches Chinese netizens, who present the rumor as "member of soon to be group Lavender aka Red Velvet dumped Baekhyun but now wants him again".

You currently have javascript disabled. Near the end of more rumors begin to appear that identify Seulgi as Baekhyun's ex-girlfriend.

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Page 1 of 2 ipb. The actual source of this is not known, but different factors may have led to this belief like Seulgi pre-debut photos that show her with an unidentified male an EXO member?

Sign In Create Account. This dating seulgi with Seulgi supposedly occurred inwhich makes it possible that Seulgi knew Baekhyun since that time.

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Seulgi started to get positive press in Whoever wrote this and actually thinks it makes sense should delete himself from the world because even the worst fanfictions aren't this bad! Seulgi would have been 20 in so she probably did date. However, we know that Seulgi immediately got into SM while Baekhyun is known to have failed his dating seulgi until an SM manager scouted him much later.

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I've forgotten my password. They may be trying to push a false persona into her to avoid dating rumors. He later has to clarify that he isn't his girlfriend on Twitter. They might be secretly holding resentment towards Seulgi and Red Velvet even now.

It wasn't noticeable in the beginning, because of the wide support Red Velvet got but they already had a lot of antis due to these rumors. Some time later Baekhyun admitted in an interview that all his past girlfriend dumped him. While Red Velvet is popular overseas, they may have become an even bigger hit if only those who believed the rumor were more accepting of their individual members.

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Up, Up and Away! This sounds like the plot of a very bad fanfic tbh. It begins with some rumors about Baekhyun's ex-girlfriend, who is said to have dumped her. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

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After this event a Korean netizen looks into Seulgi's bio. One of the things she mentions is that Seulgi and Baekhyun audition together.