Barista dating customers 14 Adorable Stories of Starbucks Baristas Who Fell in Love at Work

Barista dating customers, find the good stuff

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She did accept the Vans, though. Circumstances never seemed to dating customers out, but then we started dating. And keep in mind, says Alexandra, who has worked as a Starbucks barista in Cambridge, MA, and Arlington, VA, that your audience is captive—but not necessarily captivated.

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Once I exploded an entire pitcher of milk, and dropped hundreds of dollars from my register on the floor because I was so nervous. These contacts will come in handy if you ever need a recommendation. He finally asked for my number one day while I was on register and I was so flustered I wrote it on his pink La Boulange bag he dating for outdoor enthusiasts just got his cookie in.

Remember the situation they're in. Her friend was sweet, but she mentioned she lived a ways out, and this was my weekend job, and I lived a ways out in the opposite direction, so it wouldn't have had time to make things work out anyway.

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Went on a date with a woman who always wound up sitting next to me in those comfy armchairs. Usually associated in a customer service environment like a coffee shop.

Just leave it as an option. I gave him his cappuccino and he handed me a parting gift. Make like a latte: Reddit is filled with interest based communities, offering something for everyone.

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What not to do: He had a black coffee and this amazing vibe about him. There's no harm in it. Yeah so for any customers reading this: But I am flattered that you asked.

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I asked her why I stopped seeing her.