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Before dating a tall girl

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You're used to going down, not up, and can your arms even move like that? Comments Share your opinion Your name.


Remind her that her stature only adds to her appeal. I've never actually dated a girl taller than me but I did hit on a girl who turned out to be taller it's hard to tell when you're sitting.

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It is a deal breaker for me though. Loose, baggy clothes can make you appear smaller or shorter in stature, and vertical stripes will make your body appear longer.

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In fact I think I would prefer it. Doggy is my fave too!

I love wearing heels. And no, I don't care if I'm taller than you.

Just a hug in those big arms and I'm turned on. Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question. Are Crushes Normal if You're in a Relationship? I prefer tall to short myself, but that's not a critical factor in choosing a mate. FWIW my grandpa was like 4'8 and my grandma was like almost a foot taller and they were married until he passed away a few before datings a tall girl ago I think only a couple guys mentioned it at all. If she's tall, the rest of them probably are too. Have dated women taller than me too.

I have a soft spot for short girls and on top of that I'm less attracted to women taller than I am.

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I had maybe one conversation with my girlfriend where we just acknowledged that she's taller than me and that it doesn't before dating a tall girl either of us. It happens once in a blue moon - finding someone you can wear heels around and still be shorter than him!

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Share On sms Share On sms. My skirt's not short.

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There's so much injustice in the world - the wage gap, world hunger, political unrest in underdeveloped countries. Keep your shoulders back and your head high. Do not make posts asking about a specific person's or group of people's actions, behavior, or thinking. Wear tailored clothes with vertical stripes. Sorry, it's Adidas Gazelles or barefoot for us. Turn tips off or on any time you want! And, of course, the worst injustice is whenever a woman who's 5' is walking around on the arm of someone who's 6'4.

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If a girl is tall but a lot of it is in her torso and not her legs, and the short guy has a smaller torso but long legs, doggstyle won't really be an issue, etc. I don't know if your guy is like that, but you may have to take the initiative on this one.

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The only thing that matters is whether you and this other person are attracted to each other and if your personalities go well together.

Especially in group photos.

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This is a nice sentiment. It's nice having someone to look up to. Going Steady In other languages: At first the ideas of commitment and meeting families seem pretty daunting, but when you find that special someone you start to understand why people do it.

She was 5"8" 5'9"ish, I never asked. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.