Berlin hook up bars The 15 Best Places That Are Good for Singles in Berlin

Berlin hook up bars

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Relaxed atmosphere and a view over the lake. Very romantic, lots of delicious wine!! What makes Berlin special regarding picking up women, is the fact that they are really playful and open-minded.


I recommend the basil smash cocktail. If you have your own place no hostel tourists will be an easy lay. You can also try a nightclub bathroom. I have visited many places in the world and I must say that Berlin is the best. This is where true Berlin nightlife is going on right now.

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I personally experienced and heard from my friends crazy stories about the hooking up culture in Berlin! Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website.

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As an aside, I get a totally different vibe from the opposite sex at anglo-saxon ex-pat dos than at German ones; American and British chicks feel almost predatory. I love it when people don't answer the questions correctly! Alcohol lowers many women's standards Why don't you go to some nightclubs if you're only looking to get laid. They zoosk dating app for android have a nice movie selection for rental.

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How to pick up women in Germany by Tenmagnet. In Berlin, you will most likely meet foreigners or German girls from different parts of Germany, rather than native Berliners.

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Keep in mind that the night depends on a DJ, so do some research before the particular weekend you are visiting. Posted 4 Aug Actually, all of our public parks About a fifth of Berlin is covered in trees.

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Zum Starken August 9. Heaps of foreign chicks and on ladies night you buy one drink and get another free. Who remember Trabant invasion?

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Quite packed on weekends. I have American origins but I have lived in Berlin for 5 years.

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I have seen most of the city and can't find anything special going on anymore. BTW, I'm not looking for hookers.

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When are you going out next time? And if ya feel like hooking up an African Beauty, there is a blooming noncommercial Kenyan community in town. Craft beer, cocktails, cool music and friendly people Both parts of the city still have a distinctive character and atmosphere, but most visitors can only surmise that this island used to be a powder keg in former East Germany.

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With an amazing electro scene and a variety of bars and clubs with great interiors and ambiance.