Best christian dating podcasts The 25 Must Listen to Christian Podcasts

Best christian dating podcasts, the 25 must listen to christian podcasts

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A discussion of Halloween, the Reformation and dealing with post-wedding blues make up this week's eclectic show. Episode The true qualities of love, plus Kate Hurley on trusting God with singleness, and a listener confesses a struggle with binge eating.

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Doing good in your community, plus journalist Jonathan Last on the population crisis, and a question about sharing a bed. Oct 17, The Hope of the World: Download the Lifepoint Church podcasts here.

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Strategies to make the most of your life, plus part two with the Mully family from Kenya, and what to do if your crush isn't single. Feb 11, Upside Down: Overcoming porn's power, plus controlling raging emotions with Dr.

Happy Holiday, plus Michael and Julie Johnson from Future Marriage University, and a question about dating someone in a different spiritual weightclass.

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Jul 06, Adulting: Trends in best christian dating podcasts culture, marriage expectations and myths, and taking on the responsibilities of marriage. Episode Breaking up biblically, plus Jessie Minassian on shedding secret sin, and a guy feels caught in the middle of his mom and foreign girlfriend. May 15, Bummer of a Birthmark: Episode Married couples share the critical qualities of a spouse, plus Dannah Gresh tells women to "get lost," and a young guy seeks balance as he prepares for marriage GUESTS: What makes Christmas meaningful, plus Dr.

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Episode What makes a girl "hot," plus understanding God's design for femininity, and a listener asks if texting a guy can be done without leading him on. Episode The benefits of simplifying your schedule, plus Cynthia Tobias defends strong-willed women, and should our listener end a long-distance relationship?

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Sep 13, Behind the Scenes, Part 2: Reasons to give online dating a try, plus Chad Eastham on the truth about guys, and a question about age differences in dating. Les Parrott helps you make relationships happier, and a guy wants to appropriately show affection to women. Transitioning into adulthood, recent movies, nice guys, and when to stick your nose into your friend's relationship.

Ambiguous pseudo-relationships, Candice Watters about her book Get Married: Discover the benefits of taking risks, plus help for overcoming money myths that keep Christians broke and a question about making friends.

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Episode Behind-the-scenes look at The Boundless Showplus Ron Deal talks about dating and the single parent, and a question about relationship advice for the divorced.