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She thought that only one key had been made.

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I have now given speeches at the weddings of four friends — without even always having been the best man. Now I thought it was only fair that before Dan sets out on married life he should really meet this mysterious lady so he can wash away any last doubts he may have.

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But rumour has it that copies were best man speech online dating of this key by Tom and he has been giving these keys out to various ladies over the past few years without Sarah knowing. DH and I met in college, but cheers to those of you who met online.

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We were always fairly vague with them. Nana Hickson had one just last week.

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However, Jane did assure him it would only take a couple of minutes. I admire you in more ways than you can ever imagine, finally I can only admire your good taste in women! Self-deprecation can go a long way, so it might be something told at your own expense.

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Leading up to today John and Jane were having an issue with the seating plan. It could go some way to ruining the day for the bride, her family and the groom himself.

Although Ria did actually tell me Paul has always brightened up her life. Thank you for that gents a great wind up which has remained unknown to Dan until this day!

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Therefore please spare a thought and try not to clap and yelp too loudly during my speech, however tempting that might be. And Betty of course!

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Why has t taken them so long to finally tie the knot? Were bride and groom planning to lose weight before getting married?

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In fact this must be the third time today that I have stood up from a warm seat with pieces of paper in my hand. I knew nothing about railways but had to look like an expert in front of three million people. That way they can relax, knowing that however bad it is it will be limited torture.

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