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Best speed dating sydney

When I was first got there, I met another guy who had been to literally hundreds!

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I also met a girl friend during my first time years ago, we still catch up regularly! I have been to about and haven't had a mutual match. I got pretty bored with getting asked about work and weekends so I imagine women feel the same about such questions. I like to think if someone coles along then thats great.

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Sydney Date Nights Cityswoon date nights offer Sydney singles a chance to find their perfect match. You guys put together a cool night. Experience a fun new way of dating by travelling around some of the West End's best, secret bars and pubs, speed dating the people who match you best!


If you're talking about: It is good to be rash. Most of those events would be run by best speed dating sydney impressions — have been to one with a mate asian professionals — not a bad night though I wouldn't have opted for an asian specific event.

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I guess it's assumed you'd be honest about your age. My impression was that the girls had high expectations though none of them were in the model category.

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They could be their parent. Don't try and picture how it will be or how the people are, just do it then you will know for sure.

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That would be news to me too. In what way is what I said judgemental?

Most of the people seemed pretty well adjusted. Date fellow Sydney professionals aged in a fun North Sydney venue Decent girls would know that most guys would be ticking yes to them anyway, so it wouldn't be as interesting for them. Apparently the best line used in a study was, "What is your favourite pizza topping", the least effective line was something along the lines of, "I have a degree in computer science".