Black butler dating quiz quotev Which black butler character would you date?

Black butler dating quiz quotev

What singer is your twin?

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I don't have a favourite. Which government most closely matches your political views? I do not have time for foolish games.

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Log in to add to the discussion. Your walking down a dark ally when you hear footsteps, some heavy breathing and suddenly a hand is on your shoulder! He sweep me of my feet and take me away to a place where our love could never die!

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Are you Demon or Angel? She wants to reap some souls with you.

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A blue diamond ring! It was pretty good: He sits me there and slips off my shoe like in Cinderella and treats me.

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You as a cartoon girls. Jeez, what is it about cats? Ship or Rip anime version.

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Stalk Claude all day. Prince Soma offers you some curry. When you are with her you, run into Sebastian Log in or sign up.

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A black butler dating quiz quotev 5 star meal he prepared himself! I hope Grell isn't mad about the glomping What Yaoi Anime should you Watch?

You decided to casually wander outside and take a seat in Alois's lovely garden.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Claude Faustus ; I love Claude You sick sick person. Okay so this was my first quiz Who do you like most out of all the options? Not to change the subject or anything but, have you seen that handsome butler of yours around anywhere?

I give him the info he give's Ciel, but don't tell him that. You are spending the night at the Trancy Manor.

If you kidnapped someone, how would you keep them trapped?

Ciel Phantomhive ; Awww, he is just so cute!!! Just a simple question but Alois asks you to dance. What Anime Character are you? Which Fairy Tail girl are you? I am sorry, I can help you put them back?

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