Blue is the warmest color actresses dating Lesbians React to 'Blue Is the Warmest Color': 'Pretty Obviously Two Straight Women Having Sex'

Blue is the warmest color actresses dating

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And then he became crazy. A month later, Kechiche wrote an open letter to Rue 89 news website that appeared to accuse the ''arrogant, spoilt'' Seydoux of slander and suggested she could explain herself in court.

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The swirl of hostility, accusations and counter-accusations, retribution and jeering from the wings that has enveloped Blue is the Warmest Colourthe French blue is the warmest color actresses dating epic that was the toast of last year's Cannes Film Festival, makes most of Hollywood's catfights look pale by comparison. Kechiche's problem, she said, was his naivety.

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In the comic book, her character is called Clementine. The actresses were apparently unhappy with the director's methods.

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The man who plays the Emma's stepfather is one of the producers and he was so drunk in one scene. That was at the end of May. You have something to protect and tape it under. So overwhelmed were the members of the Cannes jury that they decided to give the Palme D'Or not only to the director, but, in an unprecedented move, to the two actresses, Lea Seydoux and Adele Exarchopoulos, as well. I can't say that it was nothing. Info Subscribe for unlimited access to news.

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I felt like a prostitute. It traces their affair from flirtation through a bitter break-up and its melancholy aftermath with such force of feeling that you seem to be living their lives yourself.

Seydoux, the elder of the two actresses at 28, was quoted at Telluride Festival as saying, to website The Daily Beastthat working on the film was ''horrible'' and that she had felt ''like a prostitute''. He argues that it stops audiences going into the film with open hearts and that it paints a picture of him as a tyrant.

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Having come out of nowhere, she is now being touted as an outside bet for an Oscar nomination. While waiting to interview Seydoux, 28 and Exarchopoulos, 19, I can see them locked arm-in-arm, sharing gossip and sniggering. He could ''retrieve the young man I was at one point'', but he also wanted to mark the point of generational change. Kechiche responded with fury of his own.

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