Boss dating employee law Laws About Relationships Between Employees & Supervisors

Boss dating employee law

So a company will try to split them up.

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Some organizations require that managers and supervisors report to management before they start dating, he notes. Unfortunately, what you need to do is nothing. By the way, he points out, that probably includes HR in almost every case.

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Would you want your lower level managers supervising people who are their significant others? By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. There are some good answers here from the company point of view, but look at it from the human point of view, too: Skip to content Harassment What about supervisors asking subordinates for dates?

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In the case of two people who happen to be employed by the same company, but don't have any work relationship, it's mostly Ok, at least as boss dating employee law as their relationship is fine, and even after that, if they manage to separate cleanly - which many people manage to do, and if one or both can't, then you had troublesome people anyway.

Now back to the scenario of the supervisor who asked for a date, the subordinate refused, and it appeared that there was no harassment. You're an boss dating employee law sales rep who answers to me supporting my customers.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Because in the real world, how does a subordinate say no? The OP is asking why it is bad between subordinates, not why it is bad at the work place.

Which is Ok-ish if you are getting married I would still have married my wife if it had cost one of us our jobs, and she would have married mebut for a fresh relationship that is very bad.


Finally, Segal says, recognize that prohibition of dating may simply drive relationships underground. People who start making bad decisions without thinking at work can soon be missing deadlines, losing productivity and exercising poor judgement on work items, Brush says.

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That's easy and it can be answered in three words so I won't post it as an actual answer "Conflict of interest". About the Author Jennifer Burton is a human resources professional based in California.

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Given that potential scenario the companies discourage dating in the workplace to the point of making it a cause for firing an employee.

Jennifer Burton is a human resources professional based in California.

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His wife was also a PhD in the same field. Now 6 months later have you found out?

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No one would ever have a "gripe session" about the company with them. How could you ever have a relationship of equals when you have power over their means to make a living?

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