Call of duty not connecting to matchmaking server MW2 stuck @ connecting to matchmaking server...

Call of duty not connecting to matchmaking server

Re: COD MW2 can't connect to MatchMaking Server!?

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When I try to go online multiplayer I can't connect. Been waiting for hours, with no response. Could you have been banned? Mmm thats ucked up - can you try on a mates PS with your details - If it works on theirs then there summit wrong with your PS or disk and not your network account.

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Problem Solved View Original Post. Omg, that sounds lame. Want to join in?

Its happening to me. Send message Add contact.

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Its happening to me it just stops and says " connecting to match making server. Thought it was the servers, but it's working for my mate.

Hope that helps a bit. Updatin Rank and Unlocks No, I'm absolutely not banned. I cant play it either.

Re: MW2 stuck @ connecting to matchmaking server...

Any ideas what to do? Being working fine with no issue until then I have the same problem now After a 40 min phone call with my ISP it was all reset, and eveyrthing works just fine. Mine is doing the same thing!! Different games like GT 5 works perfectly fine online, the same with friends and message-functions. Suddenly I found out my internet connection got terrible slow too, and I couldnt connect to PSN at all. Looking for something else? Sony Electronics Sony Mobile. Accepted Solution View Original.

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Email me when someone replies. Sign in to add a comment. For a week ago my internet felt out, but its back now and everythings working, exept MW2 multiplayer. Did u ever find out how to fix the problem?

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Terms of Use Privacy Policy Legal. View our house rules for posts. English Back to Top. It stops at "Online Status - Fetching Playlist And bah, it didnt work with a new profile and a new PSN-account. Has been like this for around a week now.