Can i hook up my verizon phone to straight talk How To Sign Up and Use Your iPhone 6 or 6s with Straight Talk Wireless

Can i hook up my verizon phone to straight talk, policies & plans

If you use your existing account, this phone will be listed with your other Straight Talk phones. This SIM is too big for the iPhone 6. Currently Straight Talk only provides service for 3G based Vz phones.

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You must purchase the Verizon Cdma activation kit from Straight Talk. Sprint really sticks it to you with their FEQ check.

How To Sign Up and Use Your iPhone 6 or 6s with Straight Talk Wireless

But I just recently bought another phone, the exact same one and can't get it to work. Call ST costumer service I know, they're horrible and have them run the imei to double check.

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Originally Posted by phone-fan. See any care plans, options and policies that may be associated with this product. This is what the Verizon nano SIM card looks like. I am very happy that it worked because I love my Galaxy Mega 2, I had to chat with a Straight Talk Rep to help me get it working and running. You can decide if you want to read through it.

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Two of these options are for new Straight Talk customers. I have divided the article into ten parts to show you the complete process.

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Straight Talk Wireless

You can hear that phone ringing now. You can sign up to use your iPhone 6 with Straight Talk. Even VZW employees seem confused.

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Home Forums What's New? You can see that call coming in.

How to use Verizon prepaid phone on Straight Talk-Verizon?

If you are getting a phone, check to see if they have it at a dealer, and get the imei to check on ST. Number Portability or Porting, is just fancy telephone company talk for moving or transferring your number. They reminded me it could take up to 24 hours to transfer and asked me to stay on the line. I recommend any of you out there to get that SIM Card kit for that awesome deal. The reason that I asked is because it seems there is a lot of confusion about Verizon's new policy.

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