Can u hook up 2 routers How to Run Two Routers Off One Cable Connection

Can u hook up 2 routers

Plug the other end into any free port on the first router other than its uplink can u hook up 2 routers. OE Ovidiu Enache Aug Lamb has a bachelor's degree in computer information systems from Cleary University and also works as a technology consultant. Since the two routers are part of the same home network, all your shared folders, music libraries, photos, and other files will be accessible from all computers and mobile devices that are connected to the network.

Open your Web browser and go to the IP address of the second router.

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A Anonymous Jun 6, Your primary router should be the router with the strongest antennas. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 9.

Use a Second Router as an Access Point

This is useful for file sharing and other purposes. To set up a new router as a network switch, plug an Ethernet cable into any free port of the second router other than the uplink port and connect it to any port of the first router other than the uplink port. This is useful when wanting to maintain an extra level of control over certain devices, such as placing extra restrictions on their Internet access.

Reset the router by pressing and holding the reset button with a paper clip for thirty seconds. Once you have the secondary router configured, you can place it where you want it to repeat the signal. Both wired and wireless routers are best configured from a computer connected via Ethernet network cable. Mail Merge Send personalized emails from Gmail, include unique attachments, track opens and more.

Expand your Wireless Network Range with a Spare Router

PA Prince Ali Aug Open the configuration page on the secondary router. I have an Ethernet cable installed through the walls with which I can interconnect the two routers. Generally, you'll want your newest and most fully-featured router as your base router.

Setting up the two routers is a fairly straightforward process and should only take about an hour. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

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You can disable WiFi on your main router and enable it only on your second router. Connect your main router to your modem, then connect your computer to the router via Ethernet.

For example, if the primary router's IP address is If you intend to set up a server so you can remotely access your main computer, OpenVPN will do anything you need -- it's free and a fully-featured, enterprise-grade solution.

About the Author Dustin Lamb contributes to various online publications, specializing in computers and technology.

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Get in touch Contact us Book a meeting. Reset the second router as you did previously with the first one by pressing and holding the reset button for thirty seconds. PH Pavel Hrabina Aug Using the same password isn't a problem. It is possible to use a second router as a range extender to your existing network.

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