Cancer man dating a leo woman Cancer Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Cancer man dating a leo woman, share your comment or experience

Quite eye opening to read all the comments, not scary enough to keep me away from him, but then again, I am of course a Leo.

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While they have stark differences, the Cancer man and Leo woman are compatible as their differences complement each other in ways that make the relationship function well. I can see here from the description and the comments that this is the norm for Cancer men. In turn she gives him a very good, unexpected show. MissM wow it sounds like you have had a bad experience or two with a Cancer man.

Falling-in-Love-at June 20th, And thats why to not to get her heart broken she is taking this defensive measure of posing herself as my aunt.

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Maybe mine is different A Cancer man is the water that will never want to put off his Leo lady's vibrant flames. Then again look at Kevin Bacon and his wife, hes a cancer man and shes a leo. It makes me, the Leo cancers man dating a leo woman, a little uneasy at times and unsure on when to make certain moves.

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In a new relationship I think cancer forgives anything in the partners past, but if there was something they hid, cancer man would maybe see that as deceit and feel afronted. Then he asked me out twice I was thrilled but it took months before he followed through. Yup, he is caring and tender and extremely moody Mandy March 18th, Both of you are very much made for each other and together, you have the potential to create a life full of love, trust, freedom, and success.

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All i see is Cancer men drooling over Leo women. Both the Leo women and the Cancer man have their issues. My Cancer man is great in bed, loyal, dependable, generous and extremely intelligent. When I was 34, a Leo and my ex was 37 Cancer.

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Here is a blissful selena gomez dating history zimbio to make the rest of us look on with envy. Fun, Flirtatious and Fickle?

He isnt very controlling at least not to the point that I feel uncomfortable. Anyway, this guy and I definitely had instant sparks fly between us when we met and the days that followed.

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He never dominates on his lady and let her make her own decisions. Bianca September 24th, And on the subject of money, Leo over-spend and then regret. I am a Leo Woman and I went out with a Cancer man for a year in a half.

Then he cut me off completely and didn't explain anything. He was sweet, romantic, and his sense of humor won me over. No man to date has really understood the lioness….

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