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What I didnt know is that his life was a mess financially, he had two timed his girlfriend numerous times and his dark moods had persisted.

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Me and my cappie have been dating on and off since June it was on and off and he would always be the one to contact me first I never contacted him and I guess he like that because in November he told me he was getting feelings for me which was a shocker because he is so quiet and laid back he NEVER expresses his self, me I took that to the head I started getting clingy and calling and texting him all the time and I guess that pushed him away because now we never talk it suck because now im the one who has feelings for him so I will try to ignore him like I did in the beginning and see if those feelings he had for me returns they definately do NOT like clingy women give them space I learned the hard way I hope I get my baby back he took great care of me never wanted for anything, ughh wish me luck.

This pairing is an easygoing and stable one. Stong, confident and very sexy. Capricorn men will stop talking to a woman for awhile, but when they start talking to you say two months later, nothing has changed, they still feel the same way.

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I couldn't because I deserve so much more. Always together and married for five years ours home is bliss.

When I was dating I received flowers at work on a regular basis from this guy or that and I grew very used to be showered with gifts and affection.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman match Source: He evens me out just as much as I even him out. I so wish to date a Capricon man again but dont come across one, where are thy? Not too much needs to be said about this lovely pair.

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Capricornia do have a great since of humour and they are cheeky. Capricorn men have some of the best work ethic I have ever seen.

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It's not my native language and I'm not very good at it. Both the partners keep each other very happy by reciprocating to the love and concern they have for each other with utmost care and dedication.

Whenever this woman has a problem she usually hashes it out with herself which is why most Virgos you meet they bite their nails. I hope that we can meet again in another life where we can be soul mates together without all this worry and strife.

As a matter of fact, sometimes he'll even wait for the woman to make the first move toward romance.

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So be patient, and trust that if we wants to talk to you he will. I never had time to do anything as he would get weird on me. The decent and quiet nature of Virgo woman makes her a great choice for Capricorn man. I have never fallen sooo hard before in my life and I was married for 11 years previously to a Pisces.

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He is definitely not a happy camper in that spot. Sometimes he may be a bit more selfish but usually a Virgo woman, who is deeply in love with this man, forgives him and looks forward to have a secure and stable life with him. Shes perfect in every way i can see. When in each others presence time goes by so Fast. I keep thinking the bubble will burst. If it feels real My Capricorn man of 28 years cheated on me for a 2nd time and is talking about divorce now.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Capricorn and Virgo compatibility article on this relationship first. An outdoor concert was near my house and I called his wife to see if they were interested in meeting and seeing the concert.

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I found him on myspace and decided ya know this guy looks like a player so he won't mind that I want nothing from him. They secretly sense this about one another. I love the way he kisses and he seems perfect for me. It's way more than just a physical thing although this guy had the best body and such a gorgeous face.

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You can do it! No matter what he put me through and I was no angel either — I truly loved that man and always will.

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I dnt know if someone will giving me that kind of intensity feelings again as I am too my first Capi