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Certain fabrics can feel uncomfortable, a mattress might seem more bumpy to them, and some foods may have tastes and textures that others never even imagine. Not easy, I do know, as they are very good at that!! When talking on the phone or having a conversation, people with ADD think better when they are in motion.

I said he can cause dating someone with add have his own apartment, if he wishes, as I have a large house, and live on my own. He does not seem to understand people. Sorry but it sounds like there's a lot more emotionally and psychologically going on with your wife than ADD at play here.

Forgive and Forget It is tempting to point the finger at the other person and blame her for the problems in the relationship. Overwhelmed, secretly or overtly.

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Even when a person with ADHD is paying attention, he or she may later forget what was promised or discussed. One of the strongest emotional desires of those with ADHD is to be loved as they are, in spite of imperfections. With understanding and knowledge, one can transcend these feelings and find a new way of being in the relationship.

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I am struggling with this cause dating someone with add now myself. They also have many awesome qualities that you will enjoy once you understand how they think and feel.

How does ADHD or ADD affect relationships?

While the other person is talking, make an effort to maintain eye contact. Transforming your relationship starts with understanding the role that ADHD plays. This can be in the form of a dry erase board, sticky notes, or a to-do list on your phone. For example, if neither of you are good with money, you could hire a bookkeeper or research money management apps that make budgeting easier. When a person with ADD does something, they do it with their heart and soul.

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Can you get some counselling for yourself. AND for your destigmatization efforts of this so-called disorder.

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They end up fighting each other rather than tackling the issue. He also says she is an important part of his life, and any girlfriend would need to understand matchmaking and remedies. Click to view 8 images.

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Yes, I fully agree, that after working on the relationship for a period of time, without the other person trying and without any perceivable results, it is probably time to walk away. The non-ADHD spouse carries too many responsibilities and no amount of effort seems to fix the relationship. The lack of attention is interpreted as lack of interest rather than distraction.

This unbalance leads to resentment, anger and frustration which I have discovered is very hard to undo.

Overview of How ADHD Affects Relationships

Afraid to fail again. Share it with your friends on Facebook. For people with ADD, the surface is an invisible exterior that they penetrate. What on earth can I do? From emotional outbursts to polar opposite extremes; ADD presents several behaviors that can be harmful to relationships.


It is difficult for a person with ADD to maintain order with their belongings because their mind does not operate in an orderly fashion. When you have the conversation, listen closely to your partner.

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Replies to my comment. It is more important to have a mutually satisfying relationship than it is to be right all of the time. Submitted by Anonymous on August 27, - 3: What do others think?