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I don't want to be the only single person in the area in my age range though. Just wanted to add my opinion here.

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UNC Wilmington plus the vacation economy mean that the workforce is young, but the economy is fairly strong. Contact the tourist offices in the two cities, also the Chamber of Commerce. Durham and Chapel Hill are college "towns" - but sharp contrast between the two re: It makes finding a spot in my grocery store parking lot difficult, but many people can walk now to the store, restaurants, shops etc. California Institute of Technology 3.

And, I know this is off the subject but the job market sucks in Charlotte and Raleigh The "Queen" has gotten just ever so slightly "snooty" over the past years I would say. Raleigh is where everyone in college hangs around waiting tables. Report Abuse Dani23 on Feb 27, 14 at Raleigh isn't a college town!

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Log in with Twitter. It's easier to gauge someone in person, I met my current SO through a friend by just hanging out with the group constantly and getting to know her after a chapel hill dating scene.

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But I'm not really into the club scene or hip-hop so the bigger nite scene in Charlotte doesn't appeal to me. All we know is were drunk and if we'd like to be inside of you or not.

A lot of New Yorker's moved here due to banking.

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The benefits of living here just go on and on For heaven's sake, you need to stop asking questions on a travel forum and come and have a look. Greenville is very small compared to the 3 largest areas, which I'll talk about. To do this, we consulted Dun and Bradstreet data and compiled a singles index that aggregated the following:.

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