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We knew it was going to be difficult, but we were going to college girl dating high school boy it work. Apply to write for Her Campus! College will present you with a chance to widen not only your range of interests, but also your circle of acquaintances. Rachel Rabbit White is a journalist and blogger who lives in New York City and writes about sex and gender.

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I graduated high school innearly 2 years younger than the rest of my class. However, this guy has somehow driven me boy-crazy and I can't get him out of my mind. At first, we stuck together, holding hands and making out in the kitchen.

However, if that is something you really enjoyed in high school, BINGO you get to enjoy it all over again. It was a small get together with an amateur DJ and guests sprawled on couches.

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Why do I feel like crying when I make out with my girlfriend? You may have to "dumb down" a bit and keep it well within the "friendship zone," but at least you'll be giving him a day to remember when he harkens back, in his paunchy middle age, to his "wild" self in high school.

You just said you're attracted to him, and that you have a ton in common, and that you both have the same things in mind with what you want in a relationship so I don't see the problem here. But she's a sophmore and I'm a junior so she'll be 20 soon.

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You know I think it's kinda stupid how girls think that a guy is not worth it just because he's younger than her. The relationship only lasted 2 months. I would never get serious with someone who wasn't planning on going to college, wasn't in college or hasn't already graduated.

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Since I was like that, it would only make sense that I date someone that is on his high school basketball team, right? Now I'm 22 and I know where that guy with the car was coming from.

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You must log in or sign up to reply here. And I loved it. Hilary does not consider herself a cougar.

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Everyone else had boyfriends as early as fourth grade, but not me.