Country song internet dating Country song internet dating

Country song internet dating

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Patrick Warburton has a cameo as a car dealer, Shane West has a cameo as a photographer, and Maureen McCormick is featured as the geek's next door neighbor.

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US Country Songs Billboard [10]. Russian, Nigerian and Ukrainian scammers. The concert portions of the video were shot at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washingtonduring Brad Paisley's tour, during which Swift and Pickler served as opening acts.

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Google has many special features help find exactly what re looking for largest thailand. There, he assumes a much more desirable personality: I work down at the pizza pit And I drive an old Hyundai I still live with my mom and dad I'm 5'3 and overweight I'm a Sci-Fi fanatic Mild asthmatic Never been to 2nd base But there's a whole nother me That you need to see Go check out MySpace 'cause online I'm out in Hollywood I'm 6'5 and I look damn good I drive a Maserati I'm a black belt in Karate And I love a good glass of wine It turns girls on that I'm mysterious I tell 'em I don't want nothing serious 'cause even on a slow day I can have a three way Chat with two women at one country song internet dating I'm so much cooler online So much cooler online I get home, I kiss my mom And she fixes me a snack I head down to my basement bedroom And fire up my Mac In real life the only time I Ever even been to L.

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Level domain extensions contains top. MTV and directed by Julie Dash.

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Coyne of Country Universe gave the song an F rating. Later on, during the final scene of the music video, the mother tells Paisley "marching band music makes me The Root Zone Database represents the delegation details of top.

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We were both on a dating site and he quicky asked me to. As listed in liner notes.

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The marching band from Brentwood High School in Brentwood, Tennessee who also perform at the end of the album version makes an appearance at the end, and country music artists Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler appear as Paisley's backup dancers. The father then acts hurt, a tongue-in-cheek reference to William Shatner 's own long-mocked music career.

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Here, the song's protagonist is a geek who lives at country song internet dating with his parents, holds a job at the local Pizza Pitt pizzeriaand claims limited success in the dating world. Later in the song, he claims to live in Malibu, Californiahave a sexy, finely sculptured body, and pose for Calvin Klein Inc. This list of Internet top.