Curve online dating Online dating site ‘Curves Connect’ commercials raise eyebrows during ESPN Wild Card game broadcast

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Online dating ads have become quite common on television — especially targeting sports channels — and new curves online dating seem to pop up all the time. Now, nothing against Curves Connect — except for the terrible curve online dating and GeoCities-looking website — or folks like myself who have some meat on the bones, but this is definitely not an ad you want on your most-watched baseball game aired all season. Almost like a parody.

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Shell company for meth empire? Jerry and the leadership team of FarmersOnly decided to build a site where people feel comfortable showing and sharing their true selves, true pictures and true interests.

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What has this world come to — Riley Mincic mincic92 October 6, Uh oh. There are many stereotypes for anyone who is not skinny.

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Farmers Only answered the bell the next commercial break. I used to use https: But why should so many people be overlooked just because they are a few pounds overweight? Move over Tinder, Curves Connect is taking over the online dating world pic.

For a second I thought that https: We've now seen two CurvesConnect commercials and I have a lot of questions.

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About Ben Koo Copying and pasting my Twitter bio. Curves Connect joined twitter more than a year ago. I'm also refusing for now to write this in the third person.

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I'm fine with all the CurvesConnect commercials tonite. View all posts by Ben Koo Follow on Twitter.

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Copying and pasting my Twitter bio. Damn you, Curves Connect. No more posting a photo from 20 years ago because you think you looked better! Be who you are, not who others think you should be. Some sliver of ads are left to your cable or satellite provider to sell, and are often different for local markets.

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Nothing is more awkward than watching tv with your parents and a dating site commercial for https: Looking into Curves Connect only raises more questions. Despite having the ad budget to plunk down for these spots, Curves Connect has less than 30 Twitter followers and they have not tweeted for nearly three months. Networks can typically remove these ads once I tweeted about an ad for an NYC strip club that aired and someone from ESPN got in contact with me to get more details so they could begin the process of having it removed.