Dating a 17 year old and being 19 will 19/20 year old girls date 17 year old guys or mainly older guys?

Dating a 17 year old and being 19

We think this changes however once you're in college.

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They said he seemed like a nice person and he'd been raised by his grandparents and he really knew how to treat me right. But I may be just biased because all the older guys that hit on me just wanted to screw me. On that note, if he is working full time or going to school I would not be concerned at all!

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I think that if this young man is honest, kind, and authentic then you shouldn't be any more worried than you would be if he was 17 or I've known him for over a year but we've only been dating for a few weeks. Hey, you're a skeptic, and in my heart of hearts I know that when I become a mother I will be very skeptical and wary of boys that take interest of my daughter.

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Plus he wasn't afraid to share everything about his life with them. In college though there are anywhere from year age differences. Related Questions Ladies, would you let your 17 year old daughter date a 23 year old?

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For the best answers, search on this site https: Leave a Comment Track Replies. I just want everyone to know that age is just a number.

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Its only 2 years. Its only a 2 year difference so nothing immense - I hope this helps, but yeah, she's basically an adult now so I'd just let her get on with it.

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I love him, and his age is the least of my worries: I'm 18, and my man is 15 and we are prefect! In reference to your 'additional details': But in America I guess its a different story.

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I say let them be. I'm 20, I refuse to date anyone younger than me except one exception and he's 19 bouta be It goes both ways really. Trust your daughter to make smart decisions.