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My Boyfriend, His Kids, and His Ex - Part 3

Whatever the rationale, this co-parenting dynamic has worked for her B. Sometimes, your co-parent will, and in those moments you will need to suck it up and admit that you were wrong and let your ego take the hit.

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The relationship between you and the divorced parent is a common variety configuration these days. I would imagine the topic is covered in some parenting agreements -- it's not in mine.

I always love him, I just don't always like him.

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I take responsibility for those poor decisions. It's pretty damn natural, you guys. But if you've been blessed to have children together and your once significant other is not unfit to share in their upbringing, and they want to, then you've still got a long road of "together" ahead.

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Dating is hard enough, and dating with children can be tricky, but you should never have to spend all of your time while dating someone justifying your actions and a parent. This is the last post in this series with author and marriage and family therapist, Judy Osborne about her book, Wisdom for Separated Parents.

She would say horrible things about me to the kids who would then run and tell their Dad.

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Keep up with the story here. Step into the world of weird news.

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Your co-parent will need a break, just like you. Fear may also keep your partner from acting.

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I have both a stepmother and stepfather and as a child I loathed having stepparents. Make sure you treat each parent, married or unmarried, with the same respect and courtesy.

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They also worry about their ex badmouthing them and undermining the relationship they have with their children. Frustrated perhaps, but not hurt. Sorry, but co-parenting doesn't mean two people are both making the datings a co parent all the time.

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It made no sense to me and I grew to resent my ex and his son and the ex wife. I knew that I would be exhausted and that I would have numerous responsibilities and that I would have to make some very serious decisions. Before Youand she may not see the need to make waves now.