Dating a girl with no friends Red Flag Alert: Beware the Woman with No Female Friends

Dating a girl with no friends

This is the woman who is crazy territorial about the 6 or 7 guys she is BFF with, and will never attempt to include you in the group because there is only room for one woman in their lives.

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Your dating life will be better for it. If you notice your girlfriend solely surrounds herself with men, you might want to ask yourself why.

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This woman is kryptonite for your dating life, and though you might spend countless car rides home stewing about her to a guy, he will never, ever, see your point.

Is being the girl who hangs with the boys a too-integral part of her identity? This is the one who will break every rule of Girl Code.

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Comments Add A Comment. This is the woman who is BFF with your boyfriend, but who will make absolutely no effort to befriend you.

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Is attention from guys so important to her that she insists on surrounding herself with them at all times? And you have tried.

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But a girl who has no girl friends whatsoever should set off warning bells. What is it about her that prevents her from being able to relate and befriend other women? This is something more extreme.

Girl Code and Dating:

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