Dating a girl with the same name as me 1. A place for you to be comfortable

Dating a girl with the same name as me

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Unless something tragic happened between you and your past GF i dont think them having the same name would cause any problems at all. Troops charged with murdering Iraqi civilian What do you want to name your child?

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I decided to do some research and as it turns out, one of my former colleagues dated someone with the same name as her ex. You'd think one of them would go by the full version of their name, but no. I used to go by a nickname that could be used by males or females.

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Not long after Tom left home for college, Terri and Terry hooked up. Having a hard time picking a name?

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There was never any problem. The way I think of it is that most married couples have the same last name and we just have the same first name. Sometimes we both turn when someone calls us, but that's no problem.

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Not all that useful, since it sounds so close to Amber, but it's cute. You'll never get that name wrong anyway. I'd pretty much have to have a nickname amongst her family, and she amongst mine.

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But in reality our personalities and looks are so different it makes it okay: Don't have an account? There's a YouTube couple who pretty much have the same name: Originally Posted by rekkah I've known a Julian married to a Julia. I have a very popular name for girls my age.

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I have a generic first name, and yes I've dated girls with the same name as me. Sometimes it depends on how that relationship went and went down Find all posts by Leaper. My friends Aaron and Erin did ok for many years.


We're not a militant or exclusive group, feel free to join up! Find all posts by tumbleddown. After all, Jack Kennedy married a Jackie. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. And if having the same name bothers you, you can use a nickname for your SO as well most couples seem to rarely call each other by name anyways.

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Of course I could, what is the problem here? Find all posts by FrancisCastle.

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Whenever I matchmaking sites for millionaires with any of these guys, saying their name never seemed weird. I know three similar-named couples, and it gets annoying when I call their house and need to ask for "lady-Chris", so I think I'd avoid dating someone with my name, out of courtesy to my friends.