Dating a guy going through custody battle How do you support your partner during their custody battle?

Dating a guy going through custody battle

Her father and I are no longer Originally Posted by phoenix1. My partner was with his ex for long and I have my suspicions she tricked him into a pregnancy. If you don't think he's reacting strongly enough to her, remember that that's because he's a kind person who loves his family, old and new, and you appreciate that in him.

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The Other Mother September 1, at The baby is now 3. Everything is a battle and has been for some time.

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She'll say anything, or do anything, she has to in order to get attention. Take a few steps back and let him get his divorce, child custody situated.

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Then she gets angry and uses the kid to get back at him.

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Megan Thomas April 1, at 2: And, because we want to believe if they got us pregnant, they'd do the same thing for us. Shes now been putting stuff in the kids head about us and me especially. Many of them actually do suffer from psychological disorders, often undiagnosed. I buy him clothes, shoes, toys, etc which we can't tell her or she'd throw them awayand all I want is to love him because of the love I have for his dad. I'm just looking for some dating a guy going through custody battle, guidance, yoda wisdom, whatever you got.

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Isn't that kind of a long time to wait to date or get involved with anybody? I did not have a new boyfriend or soon to be husband when I had a custody issue with my ex husband. His ex-wife would cause drama with money or call him whining about the kids, and he'd tell me about it. If he wanted my input, he asked for it. I think the best thing one can do when a partner is going through this situation is to just be there for them and support them in anyway you can, but make sure you don't over crowd them for there is a lot of stress and emotional tension that will be floating around and well no one wants to get snapped at over something that they didn't do or have any control over I miss my ex boyfriend a lot when I go through the moments of true love and care.

All you can do is correct that in age-appropriate ways. He's NEVER missed a child support payment, and has even on a couple of occasions given his crazy, financially-irresponsible ex-wife monetary gifts when she expressed that money was really tight and that she needed extra cash for groceries and bills.

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I am in a very similar situation, I have been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months, we actually dated in High School some 28 years ago and reconnected on Facebook. Do you miss your school life?

We have been living together for four years. Makes me feel like his is content to play her game, makes me feel like I am not good enough to meet his child child is under 4 yrs.

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I went through the same thing just over a year ago. With regard to his visits with his kid He's told her over and over to not contact him unless it's about them, but she ignores that. I was in the same spot 23 years ago.

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If you do sense balance, then proceed dating him, investing slowly. My boyfriend of 6 months doesn't speed dating table view enough time for me. It's no one's dream to take on someone else's crazy ex, but if the alternative is not having my fiance and the kids in my life, then I'll take it.

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At anyone - when people say "wait until a year after the divorce" well jeez, that could be 2,3,4 years in contested divorces. A couple of rounds of that, and the crazies generally calm down. We decided the temporary sacrifice was worth it, so the kids could also be raised by their daddy.