Dating a guy who works in retail 20 Things You Should Know Before You Date A Retail Worker

Dating a guy who works in retail

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And be careful about that 'returning to the store' thing to catch her at low-traffic times. You just have to do so as naturally as possible.

Take what she said with a grain of salt, but don't pass up the opportunity to possibly date someone fantastic! I'm sure you wouldn't, or else you would never have started the thread - but there were guys who did. If you make this a regular thing and it's obvious that the other party isn't weirded out, then there's probably a chance that he or she would be receptive for more.

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My fantasy life around her, by this time, with all the hemming and hawing, had gotten sorta, um, detailed, so I was embarrassed to even see her. You just choose a time to date when both are free.

If she says no, ok, that's it - if yes, then that's another thread. All this to say, don't be circumspect and waste a lot of time. Switch to Threaded Mode. However, you risk coming off like a Grade A penis if you use the "so when do you get off?

I'm gonna say no to the slipping of the card -- and I'm assuming this is guy hitting on girl here, because let's face it, if it's the other way around, then we're on the way to our own Penthouse Forum letter. He was at the time a server freshman and seniors dating a high-traffic coffee shop in the gaybourhood, so you can imagine the ridiculous number of men who'd come in and hit on him. If she datings a guy who works in retail yes, you can convince a friend to throw something together at the last minute.

As someone who has worked in retail for a long time leaving a note would probably get laughed off, and even if they were interested could be negative points. All times are GMT What if there were checkboxes on the back?

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Don't try to seduce, just be an interesting guy and ask us out. You don't need a specific plan or several battle scenarios. I had this situation with a woman at a coffee place that I had a crush on. Dating someone in retail or grocery.

Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! And don't go all weird if you checkout with that person again in future. If she is interested, she will find the time to meet that is convenient for you both. Is it still just a pain in the ass?

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If you are younger it is a holdover until school is finished etc. Beyond that another personality. OP - if she's interested, she will make time.

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I second incessant's advice: If it becomes so embarrassing for you, I'm sure there are either other stores or other cashiers for you. If you ask her out, and she says no, don't keep pressing. If you make it a repetitive thing with some regularity then you at least establish some rapport and aren't starting out as strangers.