Dating a guy with the same birthday did you ever date someone born on the same day?

Dating a guy with the same birthday, explore the ins and outs of inner-sign dating

An interesting concept, but dating the female me?

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We fought nonstop, and I'm normally very laid-back. We explored their astrology and very PINK house here. Do you both share a similar destiny? A very intense non-affair with a married guy born a day after me.

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Bing Site Web Enter search term: Besides the different rising and moon signs, there were many similar patterns in both relationships.

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David, my Aries beau is April 18, with merc aries and mars cancer like you. I had this just recently, HOT chemistry and a common warmth, world view and artistic and business interests that we could have partnered in. We had both had a crappy week and both made the same impatient decision with resulted in the crash.

And glam- tons of books about Marilyn lately. How does this work astrologically?

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Have you met a stranger with the same birthday as you? Saying 17th of May, is wordy. My first thought was its like astro incest!

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It really is a bit like looking in the mirror and understanding yourself in someone else. Just watched a documentary on conjoined twins today and asked myself the same question. He was born in the US, but the time difference cancels out the difference in our birth times; the effect is that we are nearly identical chartwise It was strange because he looks like a combo of my father and my brother.

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What About Twins living different lives? Has this Leo friendzoned me? I now find a girl with the same exact birthdate.