Dating a guy with the same name as your brother Can you date a boy with the same name as your brother?

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Familiarize yourself with Reddit That would be too creepy for me. Might be a bit weird, but not at all a dealbreaker. I want to think of my partner's name and get excited, be romantic, not think of my sister at that time.

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Coincidentally but having nothing to do with my mother -- the only way I would honour her would be BBCode Love is a song. If you really worried about it you could come up with a special nick name that you two can talk about. What Girls Said 3.

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Dig this I dated a girl named Johnene and her father's name was John, and both her brothers names were John. Sep 27, 7.

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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, mmo dating more. No seeking medical advice. It's almost as if they did NOT have the same name at all. I have and would again, but my brothers have common names; it's not like my brother is Kanye and I've never heard anyone else with his name until now, and this other Kanye wants to date - it's like two Jims, or two Daves.

Sure - I dated a man with the same name as my younger brother for several years. Every Thursday at 3pm.

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It was a bit weird at first, but I quickly got over it. I don't think his name should have anything to do with dating him. No, it'd be pretty awkward.

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Its funny Because like you could be on the phone with one of the guys and like say his name and your brother will come. Already have an account? I don't like it, but I wouldn't be surprised and it wouldn't be a dealbreaker.

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Moaning their name or whatever and all you imagine is your sibling. I have 7 brothers though, and they all have really generic names. By this question I can say that you lack of relationships experience OP. I guess it doesn't bother me so much, since I haven't had anything to do with my mother since before that ex and I were a couple.

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My sister used to date a guy with the same name as me and ended up pregnant. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. I dated a Mike; my brother is a Michael. It's a perfectly good name, isn't it? It gets quite confusing for the rest of us.

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When I think of Mike the friend I don't think bad things. My sister's name is Esperanza, so the chances of my ever having to consider that are pretty slim.

Do you believe people can change? One of my sisters has dated three guys with the same first name as my late brother - and married two of them. I'll do anything at this point haha.

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Yeah, that's a non-issue for me.