Dating a high school girl while in college The 10 Things You Have to Accept About College Guys

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Now I'm 22 and I know where that guy with the car was coming from. My friend went out with a 21 year old guy for almost a year and is now dating a 22 year old guy. Frankly, I don't see it as a big problem in my country.

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Just observations, not saying all girls who go out with older men are that way. If both of you are miserable without the other after three months then get back together. As with any relationship, make sure she knows how you feel about her and how she feels about you. Would a college guy really be happy with a high school girl?

Grow some nuts and approach someone your own age. It's nice, it's legal and I do my best so nobody gets hurt.

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A lot of factors really go into it. Do what you want, but just don't be surprised if you're on separate pages and don't click like you thought you would.

I have a relationship that's like something out of a fairytale with a sophomore in college, and I'm a senior in high school.

I know a sophomore girl who is dating a sophomore in college. Don't worry, have fun!

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And thanks to the age of consent being 16 I can ogle all I want. I did when I was a freshman in college and she was a senior in highschool. SpiritShiftMar 2, Cupcak3sMar 2, If she is legal let it ride I really have had the biggest crush on him since I was in like 8th grade.

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But this was different because I've known him for so dating a high school girl while in college I trust him. Admit This Expert opinions on the college admissions process!

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I see you mentioned in another answer that the rules of society are changing. Many college bros aren't too concerned about dating and "wooing" you; and truthfully, you're going to have a lot on your mind that has nothing to do with dating. TellThemToBehaveMar 2, I'm more mature than most people my age.

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Am I a bad friend? I agree with this.

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I don't think their should be more than a two year difference in age when you are young. Guys tend to be pretty immature. But for the record, no one follows the rules of society anymore anyways.

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He said he wanted it but not unless I wanted it too.