Dating a man who earns less than you The High-Income Woman’s Guide to Dating a Man Who Makes Less

Dating a man who earns less than you

She is careful about not spending beyond her means and saving enough money for emergencies. Regards, Tj Basically what she is saying is that as a man you have to have money to be with her because the is no way you can fulfill all those responsibilities she mentioned without having your own money.

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Actually I bet a lot of rich guys prefer that kind of women. Skip to main content.

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You want to afford cleaning and gardening services. What ultimately will matter is the kind of lifestyle you both gravitate toward, not who makes more.

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Not a dealbreaker as long as they held some of the same values in terms of frugality and knowing they needed to work hard to build the life they want — together as a couple and as an individual — and not rely upon me to do it for them. But agree that if y… https: Intellectually, I have no problem with a man making less money than me, but when I have been in that situation early in my marriage, until I quit my job to stay home with young children it did set up some awkward dating a man who earns less than you with my ex, as sexist or irrational as it may have been.

I think the approach to money is so much more important than how much they happen to make at this moment in time. Men who are millionaire actually would actually prefer to date a women who makes less than them.

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I have had many relationships where I am the common denominator in their failures. No search term specified.

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Also as a side note: I think I need to change my mind…but to what degree is my question. I am dating a guy who makes less than I make. Love my job, but the thought of earning no money for the next years of my life before I hit 6 figures…which as you point out is really still not that much money… heck no.

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February 9, at 9: My wife makes close to k a year. He loves to cook and bake, compose and perform his music, and write poetry.

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Did I love them — or did I just love the idea of them? A man who makes much more than I do does not necessarily want to spend it on a woman. Stop looking at a relationship as a zero-sum game. A confident, self-possessed man you know, the kind you want to date?

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