Dating a marine recruiter Military recruiters prey on potential enlistees

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It was very apparent to a majority in his command that he cared more about his career and the awards he would earn than his Marines……that in my opinion is just poor leadership. November 5th, 0 Comments.

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I am in a similar situation as I have only been with my boyfriend for 2. Another current Station Commander had inappropriately touched a female applicant Pooleewhich she reported to the Recruiters of the station.

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My guess is he is haveing a blast at the gas lamp district. This Command brings with it a lot of bad leadership, and it is a shame to see good combat decorated Marines forced to part ways with a branch they love over a few Marines who have never or rarely deployed because of a good ole boy network that exists in RS Fort Worth.

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Don't worry about his job. My DH just dating a marine recruiter out today that his by name request was successful and we are heading home to Houston, TX.

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener: A Glimpse Into Recruiting Duty

This means that if a recruiter is caught having sex with a year-old, and he can prove it was consensual, he will likely only face an administrative reprimand. We celebrate mission day, and make it a special day for the whole family, we make our girls feel included and I never allows self to get angry at him for the things he has no control over.

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Samantha August 29, at 6: Informer March 8, at 8: Once again, an ignorant Command turns a blind eye to protect a favorite. I just want to be as prepared as possible! In fact, Im Junior vice of the auxillery.

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It also depends on who your DH works with and who is your DH's zone sup. It has been miserable.

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Your answer could be very important for the family members on this site. His station commander is constantly telling him what a shitty recruiter he is when his area is one of the hardest out of his entire recruiting station. What does his boss tell him??? The stress is bad, its 36 months of new missions each month.

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It was very helpful! No NJP,or negative counseling was issued, instead a Command dating a marine recruiter that was quickly closed and full medical retirement was given.

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We want to buy a home and finish up school for our careers. Plus to mention i dont know anyone where were living. Hana September 3, at 1: Douglas Smith said the Army has put much energy into training its staff to avoid these problems.