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However, ever since I file for child support, he has been going on and on about his visitation rights. Excuse me if that's tmi. Every parent, expecting or pro needs balance and for many women a new partner may be the most support they get during a pregnancy. Submit Event Upcoming Events.

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Created by csshaddou Last post 2 months ago. Probably for the best. Shutterstock 37 weeks is a long time.


We all make assumptions based on our own insecurities. He denied Phoenix was his child until 5 days before he was born. They seemed deeply into it. I am all about love and compassion and happiness.

We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article. Skip to main content. See if anyone found love or if it's just pointless at the moment. We are all misunderstood.

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I thought it was charming. But dating a new guy while pregnant you're on a reality TV show, I'd say the chances are higher than ever that you will! While her baby's father isn't in the picture today, he might pop in later.

He rubs my back for me or my tummy when Im feeling sick and its great to just have someone there that you know cares about you. Stop watching this discussion.

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But, I was willing to give it a try. Either way it will grow up wonderfully. Now for what you are allowed to do or what is appropriate, do what your heart tells you.

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I can't excel without him trying to do so etching similar and he constantly thinks there is some other guy. Wed, Nov 1, By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you are going to leave then leave. I had never noticed before, but the major curves, the suddenly-fuller breasts, and the sensuous hormones that pregnant women exude had me all hot and bothered — and now, at the same time, I had those things, too, to share with these two men in my life.

That is where I find myself as well.

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I wanted to stop to get some Tylenol. There is much more than him being bipolar.

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Don't miss out on this weekend's events! I didn't talk to the jerk for 8 and half months and then he calls me to see if he could be there for the birth! But I will make the best of my situation. Once the baby is born, you'll become No. Not even demetria dyan mckinney dating together, just him.

Don't worry about that.

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I however went through the same thing when I was about 17 weeks pregnant, but with a guy who didn't already have a child.