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They are our focus and anything that comes in the way of achieving our goals and dreams will have to be secondary.

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I should have demanded it back when we broke up but that would have just reminded him of it and given him ideas. We are both extremely independent people, which helps.

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What a great mantra! He is smitten with me. There are also social engagements, and other women of interest.

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A mother certainly cannot travel for work, because how would the children get fed or get up in the mornings? Realizing that neither of us was totally innocent, and neither meant to be a super-destructive person although he was.

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She was his medical technician. That balanced with the fact that he was more interested in the area than I was, but I certainly am happy with it. Oh Debra, how heartbreaking. Tagged dating relationship advice HC Marymount Busy guys college.

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We also talk about interesting cases. Guest Contributor December 1, I once dated a doctor who was terrible about this.

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And because I am a very no-nonsense person, I would not continue in that sort of relationship. It sounds like things dating a successful busy man reach a crisis point soon, where you are at the point understandably that you may feel the need to put down an ultimatum.

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Once we interviewed for the same job! What works for us: There is an Alan I know who might be interested however.

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Had this not been the case, we would have never worked. Not so much because he expects me to be a dutiful wife, but because he expects a dutiful mother for his children.

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He never did, and I just keep praying that he destroyed it. Too many options, too much time researching on Yelp. We are not in contact.

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