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If, when they're older, they want to choose to be omnis, that's fine, as long as they're well-informed. I believe that one day he will go completely vegan, but until that happens if it happens all I can do is appreciate how far he has come and keep encouraging him.

And not just more Clinton.

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I thought all of this was adorable, but it was clear he was trying really dating a vegan yahoo to be something he was not -- and not doing it very well, either. He invited me over for dinner and proceeded to microwave bags of frozen peas and carrots and then open a can of Dole pineapple for dessert. Luanne dating a vegan yahoo Rice 10 Share I like the badboy types.

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If a person truly cares about another, they'll learn how to make compromises, in a relationship. We are setting an example and hoping that maybe a few people will open up to it. Best viewed at X resolution.

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I should add, my comment might conjure up images of me as a strict, whip-yielding dominatrix. How will you get your protein? Sorry for using such a sad metaphor.

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In fact, these issues have been addressed in pieces and over months of negotiation. He eats meat a couple times a week probably slightly more while I'm at work.

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My best and longest relationships have been with omnis. It broke my heart and I think I just won't have any children with him. He is super willing to eat my food and we always look for restaurants we can both enjoy.

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The problem is most Vegans think of Veganism as a religion and are somewhat fanatical about pushing their beliefs on others. Submit a new text post.

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Perhaps you can one day find a private chef gig that calls for you to cook vegan!