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I need women who have as much experience as I do, which is way more than 0.

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Am not with this woman any more if you're curious. Honestly, someone's sexual history matters much less than their personality and the chemistry I have with them. He could be waiting for confirmation that you are ok with the next step. There's a lot of guys out there. That makes a lot of dating a virgin reddit, I can understand that. If anything I would mostly just not be as forward with you in a sexual way, I would still love to get to know you better and if we hit it off be lucky enough to be the guy who took your v-card.

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Soon to me is days or weeks, if we are going out and you have said you want to wait a little while so it's not too soon and a month has gone by, I might start to wonder what is going on.

Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions. P Hope your having more fun overseas! One was a gf, together for 3 datings a virgin reddit.

There was never a night she didn't want it, and usually the next morning too. Yeah I definitely don't see it as some sacred thing, I honestly just haven't really had the opportunity to lose it, otherwise I would have done it by now. I'm not sure if she's told him about our experiences or not, but it doesn't matter that much.

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She had sex represeed so long, she didn't really know what to do. Maybe he has a gut he doesn't want you to see.

For the sake of this story, we'll call her Crayon. Some like the idea of pure princesses who have been saving themselves for their one true love. The virgin part is not a big deal, in this scenario we're dating and we have a good time.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. If it was me, the only reasons, why I would hesitate to do something, would be fear that it's not yet okay to do it, or that I would do it wrong.

Personally I wouldn't be turned off, though I agree with a few other comments that if you were celibate I don't know if that would work out either.

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Nothing memorable in either direction. I'd be happy to but I'm scared of pressuring him. If I can speak as a lady who lost it to an experienced guy Already have an account? But it would be a tad frustrating. Caucasian asian dating not directly link to comments in other subs.

I'm positive that there is some fantastic guy out there who's a virigin who would change my mind, but on the whole the answer is no. On the other hand if you were to say I'm waiting for marriage, I can say, OK I don't think this will work for me or will you marry me?

Just two awkward kids not knowing what the fuck they were doing, making the best out of the first time, and getting better with time. That's sort of where I'm at - last time we made out, I started to unbutton his shirt but he didn't touch mine at all. If he doesn't ask, it shouldn't be that big a deal. Had to take it slow, so I mean it wasn't too enjoyable for me, I didn't even finish.