Dating a zulu woman 'I married the son of a Zulu chieftain'

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I was very stereotype and the media had a lot to do with the way I viewed and analysed the fellow South Africans. I got to know Robert when I asked if I could go riding in the mountains. I didn't know what to expect when I told my parents, but they were amazingly supportive.

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This is her remarkable story Goats and a cow were slaughtered and roasted on a big spit, all washed down with home-brewed beer. I've even got used to the diet, which is pretty poor.

I felt very emotionally abused and it got out of control as he was cheating, lying and drinking a lot.

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The staff there were horrified to discover that I hadn't attended any antenatal datings a zulu woman and had seen the doctor only once in South Africa, simply to confirm the pregnancy. Why is a nation wearing black today?

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Three months ago, she gave birth to their son. Gareth Newham's comment 29 Oct.

1. "So... how's the sex?"

Still, no matter how many times you explain, there are some people who insist on dating a zulu woman questions that inspire all the eye-rolls. They might live in small flats here in Johannesburg, but back at home, they have built gorgeous homes for themselves and their families — their priorities are right! Hugo Boss was a Nazi and designed Hitler's uniforms, Bayer bottled heroin before it made aspirin What anachronistic crap is that?

We walk away rather than lose our tempers and take the debate up when we're feeling better.

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The only trouble is that the Zulu culture encourages polygamy - Robert's dad had three wives. The rainy season, which lasts for three months, will start soon and we'll be cut off from the village for days on end. I try to do things his way but I'm not happy. We also had completely different lifestyles.

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Our political history fuels the scrutiny of interracial relationships. No other group of people behave the same way, so that's pretty unlikely.


After all a lot of wine is made in South Africa. Get Job alerts in your e-mail Serena Williams or a revered actress like Hlubi Mboyawhen you are a black woman dating a white person, somebody somewhere will have something to say about it.

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